“Whatever people desire, they get as desired if only they have firmness of mind”…..Thiruvalluvar

Better products, able vendors, successful projects

We believe that a better design can be successfully realised only when assisted by combination of better product & able vendor. Hence, we consider vendors & manufacturers as corner stone in our efforts to provide innovative solutions to clients. We welcome frequent interactions with vendors in our office and treat such meetings as forums to exchange ideas, updating our team’s knowledge on products and to promote entrepreneurship

Registering your product / firm

Interested vendors and manufacturers may send complete company / products details to vendor.relations@innowellgroup.com along with contact information. You may contact our office and schedule a meeting (at least two days in advance) for one to one meeting.

Product presentation

We should know more and more about your products. While we will utilise all avenues like ASHRAE / ISHRAE / IPA / IAPMO product presentations, we also generally reserve Saturdays to have elaborate technical presentations from the manufacturers to our team. You may contact our office and schedule a detailed technical presentation to update us your latest developments & features.

Evaluation of vendors / products

Our robust evaluation process for vendors / products will be used in every project ‘case to case’ basis. The objective is that Clients shall get the advantage of experienced players in the market and new young & energetic companies.
Following are few vital factors that help us to pre-qualify:

1.Experience of projects in similar nature
2.Capability to sustain agreed schedule
3.Adherence to safety process
4.Availability of multi levels of escalation points & the top Management in any crisis.
5.Engg support & timely submission of drawings & documents for execution
6.Availability of after sales support
7.Quality conscious

Your feedbacks

Be it visiting our office or working in our project, feel free to offer your feedback about our company, our staff, and our services. Any issues faced by vendors either in complying our specifications or executing our design also can be brought to our notice vendor.relations@innowellgroup.com

Model code of business conduct

Our code of business conduct with vendors is strictly governed by following rules:

To uphold ethical business values and practices
To have transparency in our process while maintaining confidentiality in clients data
To engage all vendors equally & fairly
To encourage healthy competitive market
To desist from all corrupt practices & report to concerned

We also expect the vendors to follow their corporate ethical guidelines in dealing with our team and our clients. Our vendor relation will continue only when our above thought process is synced with yours

The contents of this page is only to express our company policies and regulations in vendor relations and in no way this shall be interpreted to support /market any brand or product.