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Apollo tyres Ltd – Factory, Oragadam Chennai, India

Scope :
HVAC Consultants

It is one of the iconic tyre factory in the Indian Industry
First time in the industry with valveless temperature control system
First time in the industry to have tankless process water cooling system

Apollo Tyres Ltd, Oragadam Chennai is the iconic tyre factory in India. 135 Acres property located in SIPCOT industrial area, Oragadam.

Banbury & Mixer ventilation, Stock preparation Ventilation, Tyre Building Area Air Conditioning, and Curing Ventilation included in the scope

Systems & Equipments:
3800 TR Cooling Capacity : 600 TR Centrifugal Chiller, 300 TR Air Cooled Chillers
Ventilation System : Centrifugal Chillers from 2000 to 200000 CMH, Axial fans
BMS: 3200 Points
Dehumidification : Creel Room area

Year of completion:
Under Progress

Project by:
Innowell Team