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Echotex Limited

Scope : LEED / Green Building Consultant

Project Type : Industrial (Garments)

Location : Gazipur, Bangladesh

Built Up Area : 5,00,000 sq.ft

Status : Completed

Rating System : LEED EB:OM

Rating Level : Platinum

Rating Authority : USGBC

Project Description : Echotex Limited is a manufacturer of Ready Made Garments located in Gazipur, Bangladesh with built-up area of 5 00 000 sq. ft. This facility has highly modernised process machines to produce more with less energy. The salient features implemented at site to become a LEED Platinum rated building are as below,

1. Provision of an effective storm water management by directing hardscape runoff to green area at site.

2. Carbon emission free commuting practice has been implemented by commuting self-powered mode to factory building.

3. Entire roof area was provided with white paint to mitigate heat island effect by increasing reflectivity of concrete roof.

4. More than 30% of potable water requirement was reduced by adjusting flowrate on flush and flow fixtures.

5. Use of treated water from centralised Effluent Treatment Plant for flushing and landscape application which made Echotex limited with low potable water footprint.

6. Use of District Energy Supply to operate energy system more effectively and efficiently.

7. Use of steam traps and condensate recovery system are mitigates thermal energy demand of garments production.

8. Use of CFC free refrigerant for space cooling application.

9. Use of green cleaning chemicals, CRI certified vacuum cleaner and carbon emission free exterior cleaning practices are highly contributing towards sustainable cleaning practice at Echotex limited.

10. Sustainable materials purchase criteria is being followed while purchasing ongoing consumables & durable goods.

11. Mercury free illumination is being practiced at Echotex limited.

 Project by : Innowell Team