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AR Jeans Producers Limited

Scope : LEED / Green Building Consultant

Project Type : Industrial (Garments)

Location :  Ashulia, Bangladesh

Area :   1,86,000 sq.ft

Status :  Completed (March 2018)

Rating System  : LEED NC

Rating Level :   Platinum

Rating  Authority : USGBC

Project by : Innowell Team

Descrition : AR Jeans producer Limited consists two multi storied buildings where post processing of Ready Made Garments takes place. AR Jeans producer Limited had become a trailblazer in sustainability by beoming the 14th project in Bangladesh to get LEED Platinum level certification. The project has scored a whopping 90 points out of 110 points in LEED green scale. Some of the key green features implementd in this project are as follows.

  • An underground rain water harvesting tank of 570 m3 and some percolation pits are provided across the project site to conserve rain water.
  • Roof Garden and High reflective coating are provided in the roof to prevent heat transmission from roof. About 28% of the total site area is vegetated.
  • Water Water Treatment Plant of 23 m3 is installed in site to treat and reuse all the Waste water produced in the factory. The usage of potable water is reduced by 75% when compared with the international baseline.
  • Energy Efficient LED lights, Servo motor driven sewing machines and Variable Flow Drive controlled compressors are installed in project buildings to achieve energy cost savings of 43% than the conventional building.
  • Windows in the buildings are maximized and optimised in such a way that more than 77% of the space is daylighted. This inturn reduced the need for artificial lighting.
  • Energy recovery ventilators are provided in all the conditioned spaces to minimize energy use without compromising occupant comfort.
  • Materials contributing to 40% of total material cost are procured regionally, and contributing to 25% are made of recycled materials, which results in significant reduction in embodied carbon content of the buiding