“Whatever people desire, they get as desired if only they have firmness of mind”…..Thiruvalluvar

EPIC Garments Manufacturing Co. Limited

Scope :   LEED / Green Building Consultant

Project Type :    Industrial (Garments)

Location  :    Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Built Up Area :   4,65,000 sq.ft                                

Status :  Completed (Dec 2015)                    

Rating System  : LEED EB:OM

Rating Level :   Silver

Rating  Authority : USGBC

Description : EPIC Garments Manufacturing Company Limited having 3 pre-engineered factory building with total built-up area of  4,65,000 sq.ft. Implemented, sustainable features are use of treated water from ETP for flushing, cooling tower make-up and gardening that reduce potable water demand. In addition, optimized blowdown and use of treated water in cooling tower are additional features on water consumption reduction front. Provision of albedo coating for parking roof is highly mitigate the heat island phenomena. Carbon Emission less transportation and sustainable purchase are contributes more towards environmental impact front.

Provision of fresh air in occupied spaces, toxic less /nil pest management, thermal comfort and CO2 monitoring, emission free cleaning practice, in house composting plant, sustainable and green cleaning purchase are adds the feather its cap.

Project by : Innowell Team