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EPIC Designers Vietnam Limited

Scope : LEED / Green Building Consultant

Project Type : Industrial (Garments)

Location : Xuan Loc District, Vietnam

Built Up Area :  80,000 sq.ft

Status : Completed (June 2016)

Rating System :  LEED NC

Rating Level : Gold

Rating Authority :  USGBC

Description : The following are the key green features implemented in the project site.

1. Alternative fuel stations like electrical recharging stations are provided in the parking area.

2. High Albedo Paint is installed on the parking’s roof to reduce heat island effect.

3. Sewage treatment plant of capacity 100 KLD treats 100% wastewater generated in the project building. 100% of irrigation and flushing requirement is met through treated water.

4. 75% water savings is achieved through installation of water efficient fixtures such as Pressmatic taps and dual flush valves.

5. Energy efficient process machineries, air compressors with VFD, Split AC, evaporative cooling pads to reduce the energy consumption of the building.

6. Construction materials with recycled content are sourced/ manufactured/ harvested within 800 Kms.

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the campus and within the building.

8. CRI Certified Carpet is installed.

Project by : Innowell  Team