“Whatever people desire, they get as desired if only they have firmness of mind”…..Thiruvalluvar

Remi Holdings Limited

Scope :  LEED / Green Building Consultant

Project Type : Industrial (Garments)

Location :   Narayanganj, Bangladesh

Built Up Area :    2, 46, 000 sq.ft

Status : Completed (July 2016)

Rating System   : LEED NC

Rating Level :  Platinum

Rating  Authority : USGBC

Description :The following are the key green features implemented in the project site.

1. Roof Garden is provided in the concrete roof area to reduce the heat island effect inside the building.

2. 56% of water savings is achieved through use of efficient water fixtures.

3. Energy efficient lighting system, air compressors with VFD, VRF system with ERV, HVLS fans and super fans to reduce energy consumption of the building.

4. Steam traps are provided for steam distribution in ironing section.

5. Thermic fluid heater is provided for drying purpose.

6. Construction wastes such as concrete, bricks and wood are reused within the project site.

7. Smoking is strictly prohibited within the campus and within the building.

8. Maximum daylight is achieved through windows and skylights.

9. Solar Photovoltaic panels are installed to reduce conventional energy.

10. FSC Certified Wood that has no added urea formaldehyde and rapidly renewable materials such as CRI Certified Wool Blend Tufted carpets and bamboo are used.

Project by : Innowell Team